Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is Christian Health Care Center developing The Vista, and who will own it?
    For more than 100 years, Christian Health Care Center (CHCC) has been dedicated to health, healing, and wellness for all ages. The Vista is an extension of that mission. Designed to serve mature adults by providing an active, independent community where friendships, well-being, and new experiences can thrive, The Vista will offer maintenance-free living and a variety of services and amenities. With a full continuum of care available right on campus, those who choose The Vista will enjoy the security for the future and the freedom to live fully, knowing they have priority access to CHCC’s health-care services should they ever be needed.

    Like the other services and neighborhoods on the CHCC campus, The Vista will be a separate 501(C)(3) corporation. It will be managed by the Center and will be a part of the CHCC campus.

  • What are the key advantages of living in a community like The Vista?
    There are so many advantages, including an expanding group of friends, a maintenance-free lifestyle, a full array of services, educational and cultural opportunities, a holistic wellness program, and security and peace of mind for you and your family. This adds up to living longer, healthier, and better.
  • What restaurants will be developed at The Vista, and how does my culinary account credit work?
    A variety of dining options will be available at The Vista. Our signature restaurant will offer a high level of service and will sometimes feature exhibition cooking. The café will offer more casual and al fresco dining and grab and-go or takeout. The pub will offer traditional pub fare, and our wellness center’s coffee and juice bar will include coffee, smoothies, and other healthy drinks and snacks.

    Included in your monthly fee is a culinary account credit that is roughly equal to the average cost of one dinner meal per day. You can use your credit however and wherever you like in any of The Vista’s restaurants, for takeout, and even for guest meals. In addition, two people sharing an apartment may link their account credits. Your culinary credits may be carried over between months, but all credits must be used within the quarter or the unused amount is forfeited. If you are away for 30 days or more, you will receive an “away credit” on your culinary account. This is a modest amount that will reflect The Vista’s savings, bearing in mind that the community will still incur fixed costs, such as staff and equipment, that do not stop while you are away.

  • What kind of programming will be offered at The Vista?
    The Vista will offer numerous options for classes and lectures, fine and creative arts, performances, social events, resident-driven discussion groups, and more. Ultimately, program offerings will be shaped by the people who choose to live in the community, their interests, talents they may want to share by leading classes, and appetite for new experiences. Many programs will be included at no cost. Some classes and programs will require an additional fee to cover the costs of instruction, supplies, or travel.

    The Vista will also offer a holistic wellness program, described in more detail below. In addition, volunteer opportunities will be easy to access through our community connections program.

  • What opportunities for fitness and wellness will be offered?
    The Vista’s wellness program will offer two levels of programming for holistic wellness. Our exciting, evidence-based wellness program is designed to provide opportunities to engage in fitness and nutritional programs, as well as social, intellectual, spiritual, vocational, and emotional wellness programming. Fitness programs and equipment are specially designed for people 60+. A personal trainer will meet with you to identify your individual interests and goals — anything from simply maintaining strength and independence to competing in triathlons or masters-level sports. An individual fitness program can be designed for you, and updated every six months.

    And because nutrition is as important to your good health as exercise, The Vista’s culinary program will offer specially identified healthy selections on the menu — delicious, nutritious options that will help you manage your personal nutrition goals — in addition to other menu choices. A nutritionist will be available for consultations, and a wide variety of choices will be offered so that you can achieve your nutritional goals.

    Program calendars each month will feature classes, lectures, discussion groups, performances, and events that cross all the dimensions of wellness mentioned above.

  • Other than the availability of a full continuum of care on the campus, will health-care programs be offered at The Vista?
    We believe that good health begins with preventing illness; that’s the reason for The Vista’s wellness program. We also believe that knowledge is power, so the lifelong learning program will likely include health-related classes.

    Our Well-Check office will be available when you’re not feeling well, and will also offer preventive screenings and routine monitoring of health factors such as blood pressure. This convenient access is designed to help detect potential problems at an early stage. You also will have access to an emergency-response system that summons help, no matter where you are on campus. The ability to quickly receive appropriate care usually means a better recovery and a more likely return to wellness.

    Care management and advocacy is also an important part of our program. When you need hospitalization or rehabilitation, The Vista will offer coordination of services and support for you and your family.

  • What are the safety features at The Vista?
    The Vista will have security staff on duty 24 hours a day. Each resident will have an emergency-alert system that is monitored and will summon certified first responders anywhere on campus. Fire-safety systems at The Vista represent state-of-the-art best practices in construction. Each apartment will have smoke- and carbon-monoxide-detection systems. The building has high-grade commercial sprinklers throughout.
  • Is Wi-Fi included?
    Yes. High-speed wireless internet service will be available throughout The Vista for no additional charge.
  • How do I pay for residency at The Vista?
    Residency involves a one-time entry fee, typically paid from the sale of your home, and monthly service fees. Your fees will depend on four factors: size of your apartment, contract option you choose, whether you are a single person or a couple, and percentage of your entry fee that you would like refunded to you or your estate when you leave campus.
  • What are the different deposits required before I move in, and can I cancel my deposit? Does my deposit earn interest?
    10-percent non-binding reservation deposit

    When you reserve an apartment at The Vista, you begin the application process. This involves completing an application; a confidential financial information form; and a confidential health self-report form. Within 10 days after your application is approved, you must submit a deposit equal to 10 percent of the 0-percent refundable fee-for-service entry fee for the apartment you select. This deposit will earn interest at the bank rate, and is refundable to you, with interest, at any time by making a written request and confirming in writing that you are forfeiting your apartment reservation. The refund will be processed within 60 days, with no penalty regardless of the reason for your cancellation.

    10-percent binding reservation deposit

    When we get close to the initiation of financing for The Vista, you will be asked to sign a Residency Agreement.By signing this contract, you acknowledge that your 10-percentrReservation deposit (the funds that you have already paid and we are holding in an escrow account) is now binding, and that you plan to move to The Vista when your apartment is available for occupancy. Your binding 10-percent deposit entitles you to Vantage Club membership and benefits. From the point that you sign a binding contract, you will earn 4-percent interest on your deposit. Your 10-percent deposit and all interest earned will be credited to your entry fee upon your move to the community.

    Once you have signed your Residency Agreement, your binding 10-percent deposit and all interest is fully refundable if you pass away, if one member of a couple passes away, or if your health or financial situation changes in such a way that you are no longer able to move to The Vista. However, should you simply change your mind about moving to The Vista, you will forfeit the 4-percent interest on your deposit and a $500 cancellation fee will be deducted from your refund.

  • What is the Vantage Club? Are there benefits to membership?
    Yes. Vantage Club members are those who have a 10-percent binding deposit reserving an apartment prior to The Vista’s opening. Being a Vantage Club member has many important benefits. After signing the binding 10-percent agreement, Vantage Club members will have priority access to on-campus health care and available care-management services, even before they move in. Those who select and qualify for a Life Care contract option will be assured of the opportunity to move in under the Life Care contract, even if their health changes prior to opening. They will pay the published rates for health care prior to moving to The Vista.

    Once The Vista opens and the entrance fee and Life Care fee have been paid, those who selected the Life Care contract will pay the same amount for health care that they would be paying if living in their Vista apartment, plus the additional meals and ancillary services. This is also true if both members of a couple are under a Life Care contract and one spouse moves into The Vista but the other spouse requires a higher level of care.

    Additional benefits for the Vantage Club members who reserve the first 75 percent of apartments prior to the start of construction include:

    Pre-construction pricing (lowest level for priority program participants) Priority selection of apartments Customize your apartment to suit individual tastes, choosing from a wide range of options and upgrades One complimentary upgrade selection valued up to $3,500 $2,500 credit for move management and downsizing support Ability to select their underground parking space

  • What are the different financial options at The Vista?
    Two contract options and three refund options are available. Regardless of which contract option you select, you can choose any of the refund options.

    Contract Options:

    Fee-for-Service Contract

    Under the Fee-for-Service Contract, you will have priority access to on-campus health care including assisted living, memory support, rehabilitation, and nursing care. Should you need care, you will pay the then-current rate charged for care minus a 10-percent Vista resident discount. This option is often chosen by those who are comfortable self-insuring or who have long-term care insurance.

    Life Care Contract

    By choosing Life Care, you can gain financial predictability for your long-term care costs (assisted living, memory support, and nursing care). If you, your spouse or both of you move to assisted living, memory support, or long-term care on the CHCC campus, you would continue to pay the same monthly fee that you would be paying in your Vista apartment, plus the charges for additional meals and ancillary services. This can represent very significant savings the longer you may require long-term care. Life Care is appealing to those who want to limit their risk and increase financial predictability. It is often preferred by those with no long-term care insurance or those who wish to secure additional benefits to supplement their long-term care insurance.

    Under the Life Care Contract, you pay an additional Life Care entry fee for each person upon entry to The Vista. The Life Care entry fee is non-refundable. You also pay an additional monthly fee for each person under the Life Care Contract.

    Refund Options:

    90-percent refund option

    Under this option, the percentage of your first-person entry fee that is refundable declines by 2-percent per month for the initial five months of occupancy. Thereafter, 90 percent of the first-person entry fee amount you paid is subject to refund upon your leaving the CHCC campus.

    50-percent refund option

    Under this option, the percentage of your first-person entry fee that is refundable declines by 2-percent per month for the initial 25 months. Thereafter, 50 perent of the first-person entry fee amount you paid is subject to refund upon leaving the CHCC campus.

    0-percent declining refund option

    Under this option, the percentage of the entry fee that is refunded to you or your estate when you leave the CHCC campus declines by 2 percent per month for 50 months. After 50 months, there is no refund. NOTE: The second-person entry fee is subject to this declining-refund provision under all contract types.

  • Do I have to pay another entry fee if I need to move to another level of care?
    This is a one-time entry fee that assures you of lifetime residency at The Vista or, if needed, priority access and a discounted rate for other levels of care on campus. You will never have to pay another entry fee.
  • What type of increases can I anticipate in my monthly fees?
    When you make your 10-percent reservation deposit, you will know what your monthly fee will be for the year The Vista is projected to open. Typically, monthly fees are adjusted annually. Increases are based on the increases experienced by the community for costs necessary to fulfill the terms of our contract with you. The biggest factors are usually labor, insurance, and utilities. To some extent, these costs mirror cost-of living increases you would experience in your current home or in any living situation. Fee increases are only imposed to the extent required to maintain the facilities and quality operations, and to meet other financial requirements. The national average for annual fee increases over the last five years has ranged from 3 percent to 4 percent.
  • If I am owed a refund, when do I receive it?
    Refunds are paid when two conditions are met: All individuals covered under the contract have left the CHCC campus — either passed away or moved off campus permanently — and The Vista Apartment has been re-occupied by a new resident.
  • How does my insurance factor into the equation?
    You will need to retain your Medicare Part A and B insurance, as well as a supplemental policy, to cover acute (hospital) care, physician services, and prescription drugs. If you have long-term care insurance, review your policy with your financial advisor to see how it fits in with benefits at The  Vista. We will review your policy with you as part of the financial review, as well.
  • What if I outilve my savings?
    The Vista is committed to never asking you to leave the community due to financial circumstances that occur through no fault of your own. We would work with you to explore options that could include transferring to a smaller apartment to conserve funds or drawing down your refund amount to pay for care. Once accepted for residency, our intention is that you will be part of the community for your lifetime.
  • Under what circumstances would I need to move from my Vista apartment to a higher level of care, and who would make that decision?
    You would want to move to a higher level of care if living independently in your Vista apartment became difficult or isolating, or if you could no longer live there safely. The decision to move to a higher level of care would be discussed with you, your family, your physician, and The Vista’s care-management team.
  • Are there any other circumstances under which I would have to leave The Vista?
    Those circumstances are very rare. If you violated your contract with The Vista or refused to comply with The Vista’s policies, after all other remedies are exhausted you could be asked to leave. If you needed a unique or specialized level of care that is not available on the CHCC campus, we would assist you in identifying another setting that is more appropriate. Of course, The Vista would work to help you through this transition.
  • Why is The Vista good for me as a single person?
    The Vista will has many advantages for single individuals, including a sense of community and belonging, broader social network, and ease of access to all the elements of The Vista lifestyle. Services and maintenance-free living are also important. The security and peace of mind that come from knowing others are close at hand if needed is beneficial for someone who lives alone, as well.
  • Why is The Vista good for us as a couple?
    Couples can make their decision to move, plan for their new home, make friends, and enjoy the new lifestyle together. And should one member of the couple need assisted living, memory support, or long-term care, it’s easy to see each other and to be together as much as possible. The reduction of stress and freedom from home upkeep is a big advantage for couples who want to really enjoy the retirement they have planned together.
  • If the market changes, is my refund from The Vista at risk?
    Regardless of what happens in the market environment, The Vista will owe you the refund amount identified in your contract. Your refund will be paid to you upon the resale of your apartment. Just as when you sell a private home, resale times vary according to demand and economic conditions. An advantage of living at The Vista is that when you leave the CHCC campus, your monthly fees stop immediately. If you owned a home, you would have to get the home ready for sale and continue carrying the costs of keeping it up until a sale occurred. You would also have to pay a real-estate commission. At The Vista, we will prepare the apartment for sale, maintain it in good condition, and market it for you without a commission or re-marketing fee. The Vista and CHCC have the same interest that you do in re-occupying the apartment, and will maintain an attractive, appealing community and an active marketing program to minimize the amount of time it takes to re-sell your apartment
  • Is there a refurbishment fee when I move out?
    No routine refurbishment fee is charged for normal wear and tear. However, if you have made non-standard or unapproved changes to the apartment or if you have damaged the apartment, the costs of returning it to the original condition or making repairs will be deducted from your refund.
  • What if I go away for several months of the year? Do I have to pay my fees for those months?
    Yes. We still have to maintain the building and the apartment while you are away, and we continue to provide all of the services to residents. However, when you are away for more than a month, you will receive a credit for the food costs saved.
  • What does the 10-percent discount on CHCC health services cover?
    Under the fee-for-service contract, Vista residents will receive a 10-percent discount on the published rates at the time of their stay in residential assisted living, residential memory support, or private-pay skilled nursing care on the CHCC campus.
  • Will I own my apartment at The Vista? Can I lease it to someone else? Can I take out a mortgage on an apartment at The Vista to pay the entry fee?
    Ownership is not conveyed to the resident; rather, you enter into a contract for lifetime use of the apartment along with priority access to higher levels of care on the CHCC campus. Because you do not have ownership of the apartment, you would not be able to obtain a mortgage or assign your right of residency to any other party.
  • What if I marry, or want to have a friend or relative share my home after I have moved to The Vista?
    Your new spouse, friend, or relative would go through the same process you did to qualify for residency in terms of age, health, and financial considerations. If one member of a married couple is 62 or over, the second member of the couple may be younger; however, this does not apply to two relatives or friends living in the same apartment. In such a case, both must meet age requirements. Because you do not have ownership of the apartment, you would not be able to obtain a mortgage on your Vista apartment or assign your right of residency to any other party.
  • What is the pet policy at The Vista?
    The Vista is a pet-friendly community. Pets are welcomed, with a maximum of two dogs or cats per residence. Fish aquariums are also permitted. A detailed pet policy will require — among other things — that the animal(s) is certified by a veterinarian to be fully vaccinated, well-suited for group living, and protected from fleas and ticks. Pets cannot present a danger or a constant nuisance to others, and should not be present in community areas other than on the way outside. You must clean up after your pet.

    Should you desire to travel, your pet will need to have a reliable caretaker while you are away. Should you transition to CHCC, your pet(s) will need to have a permanent caretaker since pets are not permitted in assisted living, memory care, or long-term care. Ample places to walk and play with your pet will be available on the grounds.

  • How many parking spaces will I be able to reserve? Is there a fee for parking? What about parking for guests?
    Vantage Club members will be guaranteed one reserved underground-parking space per apartment at no charge, along with above-ground parking available — but not reserved — for additional cars. If spaces are available after opening, it’s possible that a second underground space may be reserved for an additional fee, but that availability and amount has not yet been determined. Outdoor parking will beavailable for guests and second resident vehicles at no additional cost.
  • Can I bring personal assistance or care into my apartment?
    The answer to this will depend on a number of factors, including whether it is safe for you to remain in the apartment. An assistant would have to meet certain requirements, be registered with CHCC, and sign in and out when he/she enters and exits the building. No one other than the individuals who have signed the Residency and Care Agreement may live at The Vista, so “live-in” assistance is not an option.
  • The Vista was approved to build up to 199 apartments. Why are there only 170? Will there be a second phase after I move in?
    The approved plan for The Vista is up to 199 apartments in a single phase. At this point, CHCC is planning to build 170 apartments; however, if demand during the marketing stage dictates, CHCC may decide to build the remainder of the apartments prior to financing. There are no plans for a second phase.
  • How will you be sure my apartment retains its value for re-marketing?
    CHCC has a strong leadership team and project team, and intends to operate an exceptional community that will continue to be attractive to the market. Just as we have done with all of the other facets of our campus, we will maintain and continue to upgrade The Vista property, and will continually improve and evolve the services and programming to stay current with best practices. This serves both our mission and our best interests as an organization. It is our goal to be sure that we are the community of choice in Bergen County. We will maintain a strong marketing program as well. These commitments on our part should ensure that your apartment continues to be highly desirable and retain its value.
  • How will my entry-fee funds be used?
    Entry fees received by The Vista will be used, in part, to pay for the construction of the community. The Vista will retain certain cash reserves not only as a good management practice, but also out of a necessity to be in compliance with the loan covenants and regulations required by the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs (DCA). Consistent, ongoing oversight of the community and its financial performance will be conducted by CHCC’s management and board, as well as by the DCA. CHCC has been a viable and reputable non-profit organization for a very long time, and has a strong management team in place that is dedicated to maintaining stability and financial best practices.
  • If we move in as a couple and then, at some point, one of us dies, what happens to the second person fees? Would the surviving spouse have the option to move to a smaller apartment if one is available?
    No part of the entry fee will be refunded until after both residents have passed away or left the CHCC campus. At that point, the entry fee refund will be made according to your contract. If one member of a couple passes away, the remaining spouse will pay the one-person monthly fee for the apartment. Provisions in the contract will provide for moving to a smaller or larger residence in the community should you wish to, and you would have priority over someone from outside of the community.
  • How are real-estate taxes paid?
    The Vista project is wholly owned by CHCC and is assessed real-estate taxes by both the Borough of Hawthorne and Township of Wyckoff. These real-estate taxes become part of The Vista’s operating costs and are included in your monthly fees. You will not be responsible for paying any property taxes directly.
  • How will I know when to list my house and the exact date of my move to The Vista?
    One of the nice things about selecting The Vista is that you will have the time to enjoy your home for up to several more years, and will be able to plan for your move at a leisurely pace. As we move into the construction phase, we will share the excitement of building your new home with you through construction updates and web-cams, as well as project-team events to keep you informed. We will also track real-estate trends, share information with you about the likely time it will take to sell your home, and provide information about all the resources you may need to prepare your home for sale. You will be notified of the date that your apartment will be available for occupancy 60 days in advance, and at that time we will set a move-in date. You will have up to 90 days after the apartment is available for occupancy to pay your entry fee and begin paying monthly fees. If there are specific factors impacting your move-in date, these may be evaluated on a case-by-case basis for an extension. The Vista will be able to help you identify resources for downsizing, move planning, packing, and moving if you need them. On moving day, a team will be assigned to you to help assure that your arrival at The Vista goes seamlessly.
  • What can I expect between now and when the community opens?
    As a member of the Vantage Club, you’ll become part of a community even before The Vista is built. You’ll receive information and updates regularly through newsletters and personal updates from the marketing team and senior management. We will be conducting several surveys to help us plan for programming that is suited to the group’s specific interests. We will also begin regular educational and social events designed to help you prepare for your move, as well as get to know your future neighbors.

    The purpose of the priority program materials and advertising is to solicit non-binding reservations. A non-binding reservation is not a contract and may be cancelled by the prospective purchaser at any time, without cause. Any money paid to the developer should be refunded to the prospective purchaser upon the request and cancellation of the nonbinding reservation.