People That Have Made The Move Agree: Now’s the Time to Live Your Best Life

Now is the perfect time to live your very best life. Whether you are still working, considering retiring or have moved into retirement, this is the time to take full advantage of what your retirement years have to offer. For some, making the decision to retire early can mean more time for fun and relaxation, the benefits can be even greater — from …
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Home values soar; should you take advantage and join The Vista?

Pent-up demand, historically low interest rates and buyers competing for a short supply of homes all add up to what experts are calling a “seller’s market.” For anyone considering moving to The Vista, a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC),  now could be a perfect time to sell your home at peak value and start planning your move to the brand new, independent living …
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At The Vista, Safety, Happiness, and Health Are Top Priorities

When a child learns to ride a bike, parents might find themselves checking a mental list of the child’s safety measures: helmet, pads, and teaching them to be aware of their surroundings including cars, other bikers, and pedestrians. Before a teenager backs out of the driveway for the first time, parents do the same thing. They check to make sure the seat belt is …
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The Vista: Right Choice Now | July 2020

The Vista, a new retirement community coming to northern New Jersey, offers a fresh start As families continue to battle uncertainties and challenges resulting from the coronavirus global outbreak, we’re reminded about the importance to maintain positivity and identifying some of the keys to happiness: a healthy environment, companionship with people we care about, and freedom to live a full, active life — on our …
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The Vista is built for staying on the move.

When it comes to health and fitness, things are shaping up nicely at The Vista, a new independent living community in northern New Jersey. We offer impressive fitness facilities, exercise classes, and aquatics, all situated in an ideal location for outdoor lovers, whether you enjoy walking, gardening, hiking, or water activities. We’re serious about our fitness offerings, because we know that staying active …
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Empty nester couple enjoying dinner

Finding Yourself After the Empty Nest

When your life is centered around raising, loving, and providing for children, you can feel like an anchorless ship when they move away. Maybe your youngest has just left for college or your children have found homes of their own, but instead of sinking into the empty nester syndrome, use this time of your life to be grateful, gain perspective, rediscover your passions, …
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Doctor giving flu shot to patient

Cold and Flu Prevention Tips

When temperatures drop, it’s time to think about cold and flu prevention, especially for older adults and seniors. For quick tips to avoid the flu and to know which symptoms to look for, follow this breakdown of the most effective prevention methods.  When is Flu Season?  The cold and flu season technically lasts from the beginning of fall to the end of spring. …
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Come See The Community We’re Building At The Vista

We are so excited to share the construction and progress of The Vista! With active construction underway, the community of new and old friends is already taking shape.   The Vista will be a brand-new community for active older adults who enjoy and share a spirit of vibrancy, connection, and socialization, with care needs all on one campus should they ever need them. …
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Older couple discusses benefits of downsizing and rightsizing

Rightsizing for Seniors: A Guide to Simple Downsizing

As we get older and children move out, it’s essential to know when it’s time to simplify your life so that you can enjoy retirement and focus on the important things. You may no longer want to worry about mowing the lawn, cleaning gutters, or vacuuming a large house. If you’re ready to reduce stressors in your life, discover how downsizing can launch …
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Residents’ Favorite Dishes Are on the Menu at The Vista

Good food makes everything better, from gatherings with friends and family, to how we feel physically and mentally. We considered how important food is to our total wellness when creating the dining options for The Vista, New Jersey’s new continuing care retirement community (CCRC) coming soon to Christian Health Care Center’s (CHCC) Wyckoff campus. The community will feature three restaurants. Waterstone will be …
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