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Restaurants in and near Wyckoff, NJ

Need to plan a dinner outing or simply want to dine out tonight? No matter the occasion, Wyckoff, New Jersey and its surrounding areas have plenty of dining offerings including family-friendly casual restaurants, Mediterranean cuisines, as well as fine dining and steakhouse options. Below is a list of some nearby restaurants we enjoy and hope you will, too! Restaurants Serving Dinner in and …
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Book on retirement

The 16 Best Retirement Planning Resources: Websites, Blogs, Books, and Podcasts

There are so many different ways to get information about retirement planning that one would think that planning for retirement has never been easier. However, the overabundance of information, opinions, and recommendations coming from every direction makes it difficult to narrow down the choices into a more narrow and manageable grouping of resources.  So how do you choose? Look no further. We’ve outlined …
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How to Get An Estimate of Your Retirement Benefits in New Jersey

One of the most essential steps in preparing for retirement is getting an estimate of your benefits. Even if you’re still a couple of years out from retirement in New Jersey, it’s still important to occasionally get an estimate of your benefits based on your most recent financial earnings. To calculate your retirement estimate, all you need to do is: Choose the New …
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Worshipping hands

What I Love about our Pastoral Care Team

As an organization founded on Christian principles, we believe that every person has a spiritual need and identity that deserves to be affirmed and nurtured. Our pastoral care staff is here not to preach or evangelize, but to accompany each individual on his or her journey—with eyes to see and ears to hear needs, open hearts and minds to understand different perspectives, and …
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The Best Things to do in New Jersey with Grandchildren

If you retire in New Jersey, and you have grandchildren that are coming to visit, you can easily find a fun activity that everyone will enjoy, no matter how old the little ones are. Even though New Jersey is one of the country’s smallest states, it’s jam-packed with things to do from top to bottom, all year long. Below are is our list …
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Healthy salad

10 Foods To Help Lower Blood Pressure

High blood pressure, also referred to as hypertension, has been dubbed the “silent killer” because there are usually no warning signs or symptoms. Blood pressure normally rises and falls throughout the day; however, if it remains high for extended periods of time, it can lead to serious health issues such as stroke, heart disease and kidney disease. The Centers for Disease Control and …
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Generations Joining to Garden

We recently welcomed several Boy Scouts to Heritage Manor Nursing Home. A local scout, Ryan Catania, approached the Center with the idea of constructing wooden planter boxes, as part of his Eagle Scout Service Project, for residents to enjoy. The proposed project was accepted by CH, and Ryan got to work! Ryan, along with several other Boy Scouts, friends, neighbors, and family members, …
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Our Favorite Parks to Visit Near Wyckoff, NJ

Parks are an important part of any local community. As children, we ran around, played on the jungle gyms, swang on the swing sets, and joined sports teams through the local parks and recreation department. As we grow older though, we learn to appreciate parks in a new light. Parks begin to represent a place you can take the grandkids for a fun …
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Senior women sleeping

7 Tips for A Better Night’s Rest

If you’re more worn out than usual, you might need additional sleep. But you also might need better sleep. As we age, we face some challenges in getting sufficient, high-quality sleep that helps us feel fully rested. While you can’t control every factor that might negatively impact your sleep, you can develop some habits that help you wake up feeling much more refreshed. …
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Woman meditating


With every new year comes an important question that we all need to ask ourselves: How will I choose to live my life and spend my time? Mindfulness is a therapeutic technique achieved by learning to focus one’s awareness on the present. One of the most important things that we can do to create mindfulness is to remember these two words: Moderation and balance. Simple tips to …
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