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Independent Living

In addition to The Vista, Christian Health offers a variety of independent-living options on our Wyckoff campus and in Wayne.

Evergreen Court, Wyckoff

Evergreen Court offers supportive senior living that fosters independence, privacy, and community connection in a home-like atmosphere. Both market-rate and affordable housing are available, with rent based on income.  Call (201) 848-5952 to learn more.

Hillcrest, Wyckoff

Hillcrest is a pre-assisted living option for older adults who want to maintain their independence but also find comfort in knowing that assistance is nearby if needed. Call  (201) 848-5856 to learn more.

Siena Village of Wayne

Siena Village meets the needs of active, independent older adults by offering low-income, moderate-income, and market-rate apartments in an attractive, secure environment. Call (201) 897-5400 to learn more.

Summer Hill of Wayne

Summer Hill features several types of attractive, affordable apartments in a newly renovated community designed to meet the needs of active, independent older adults. Call (201) 848-5848 to learn more.

Mental Health

No matter your mental health struggle, you don’t have to go through it alone. Christian Health is here to help.

Through the years, Christian Health has upheld our mission to provide accessible mental health treatment to our community and nurture mental wellness for people of all ages. Our team of highly trained, dedicated professionals provides compassionate care in a nonjudgmental, comforting environment.

Christian Health offers a continuum of mental health services through three programs:

LiveWell Counseling provides personalized, compassionate care for children and adults, customized to treat individual symptoms and boost mental wellness through one-on-one counseling, medication management, and family and group therapy – all in a supportive environment. (201) 848-5800

Gracepoint Intensive Outpatient and Partial-Hospitalization Program is a voluntary program for adults that provides short-term, structured mental health services as an alternative to inpatient treatment.  (201) 848-5220

Ramapo Ridge Behavioral Health is a fully accredited inpatient mental health hospital for adult and geriatric patients, which serves as a calming environment where patients can rest, isolate from triggers, and learn coping skills so that they are able to stabilize and recover. (201) 848-5500



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