Empty nester couple enjoying dinner

Finding Yourself After the Empty Nest

When your life is centered around raising, loving, and providing for children, you can feel like an anchorless ship when they move away. Maybe your youngest has just left for college or your children have found homes of their own, but instead of sinking into the empty nester syndrome, use this time of your life to be grateful, gain perspective, rediscover your passions, …
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Doctor giving flu shot to patient

Cold and Flu Prevention Tips

When temperatures drop, it’s time to think about cold and flu prevention, especially for older adults and seniors. For quick tips to avoid the flu and to know which symptoms to look for, follow this breakdown of the most effective prevention methods.  When is Flu Season?  The cold and flu season technically lasts from the beginning of fall to the end of spring. …
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Aerial view of construction progress

Come See The Community We’re Building At The Vista

We are so excited to share the construction and progress of The Vista! With active construction underway, the community of new and old friends is already taking shape.   The Vista will be a brand-new community for active older adults who enjoy and share a spirit of vibrancy, connection, and socialization, with care needs all on one campus should they ever need them. …
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Older couple discusses benefits of downsizing and rightsizing

Rightsizing for Seniors: A Guide to Simple Downsizing

As we get older and children move out, it’s essential to know when it’s time to simplify your life so that you can enjoy retirement and focus on the important things. You may no longer want to worry about mowing the lawn, cleaning gutters, or vacuuming a large house. If you’re ready to reduce stressors in your life, discover how downsizing can launch …
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Woman enjoying breakfast

Residents’ Favorite Dishes Are on the Menu at The Vista

Good food makes everything better, from gatherings with friends and family, to how we feel physically and mentally. We considered how important food is to our total wellness when creating the dining options for The Vista, New Jersey’s new continuing care retirement community (CCRC) coming soon to Christian Health Care Center’s (CHCC) Wyckoff campus. The community will feature three restaurants. Waterstone will be …
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Older adults enjoying a stroll

The Best Places to Experience Fall Foliage in NJ

If you’re planning a visit to New Jersey or you live in the state, you don’t want to miss out on the best places to experience autumn and the change of fall colors. Whether you’re hoping to hike, camp, bike, or simply take a walk in the woods, you’ll want to know exactly where and when to see fall foliage at its peak. …
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Couple planning for their future with an advisor

Financial Benefits of a Move to A Life
Plan Community

We sat down with Kevin A. Stagg, CPA, Christian Health Care Center (CHCC) Executive Vice President and CFO, to get answers to common questions when considering a Life Plan Community, or continuing care retirement community, like The Vista. One of the biggest questions people face when making retirement decisions is how much they can get for their money. Here is some advice from …
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Couple meeting with an expert

Why should you retire in Wyckoff, New Jersey?

If you’ve spent most of your life in the Northeast, you most likely have a compelling reason to stay in the region: it’s home. In recent years, New Jersey has become a popular place for older adults to settle down. There are numerous senior living communities, many offering the same amenities, if not more, that are seen in popular retirement destination states such …
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Seniors strength training and exercising.

Strength Exercises for Older Adults

We all know that in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle, you need to be physically active. There are all sorts of ways to workout — ranging from yoga all the way to high cardio activities like biking and running. But if your current workout routine doesn’t include strength exercises, you could be missing out on some big health and fitness benefits. In …
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How to help older adults with depression

How to Prevent Depression in Older Adults

Depression in Older Adults Going through life, everyone has their ups and downs. But depression is a serious illness that can make daily life difficult to manage for weeks, months or even years. Sometimes called “clinical depression” or “depressive disorder,” depression is unfortunately common amongst older adults. However, this doesn’t mean that it has to be a part of your daily life.  As …
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