Consider Life Care now – and save!

Today, more than ever, the unknowns of what health services will cost and what insurance plans will cover can be cause for concern. Many individuals don’t have long-term care insurance or a plan to handle what would happen if long-term care services might someday be needed. But what if you could relieve one of those unknowns? What if you could put a plan in place to provide personal and financial security, even if your health needs change? Life Care can provide that security.

What is Life Care? Life Care is a unique contractual agreement that gives you the security of knowing you’ll have access to levels of care within the Christian Health Care Center (CHCC) campus, should you need them — all with a predictable financial outlay that gives you peace of mind.

For a limited time, The Vista is offering a $25,000 discount on the Life Care contract. That’s $25,000 off the standard entrance fee and a $200 discount per person on the monthly service fee. Vantage Club depositors who sign-up for the Life Care plan can access health services at CHCC prior to move-in. And you will be guaranteed Life Care even if your health needs change prior to move-in. We invite you to contact us to learn more!