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Jeanne Kelly

Retired administrative assistant for the State of New Jersey

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Where do I start? There are so many reasons why I chose to live at The Vista. I’m very active and love socializing. The Vista is the place that was perfect for both.
I play pickleball, ride my bike, and swim indoors, so I make good use of The Vista’s indoor swimming pool and fitness center. An added plus is that I am with others my own age rather than huffing and puffing, trying to keep up with a class of 30-somethings at my current gym.

Socializing is as important to me as staying active. Neighbors leave, friends move, and after my husband passed, relationships I had with couples changed. The Vista is totally new. Everyone who lives there is new and we all make new friends at the same time.

Another reason why I chose The Vista is that I’ve gained a lot more time doing what I want rather than keeping up with house chores. There’s so much to do to maintain a home — the lawn, the snow plowing — the list goes on and on. After the last summer storm I went out on my front lawn and started picking up all of the branches, twigs and leaves that had blown off of my trees. While I was doing it I was joyfully thinking, “When I’m at The Vista I won’t have to do this anymore!”

While I enjoy cooking and entertaining, I also enjoy dining out. I like that The Vista offers everything from fine dining down to a quick bite.
It’s the right time in my life to begin chapter four. Chapters one through three — single, married, and widowed — are behind me. Now, The Vista is ahead. I look forward to a good long chapter and a richer life.

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