Lottie Estaban

Retired Homemaker

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To me, The Vista is very much like permanently living on a luxurious cruise ship. It’s a beautiful community. They have many attractive services and amenities, fine food, and opportunities to meet new people and try new experiences. But none of these elements were the primary motivation for my wanting to live at The Vista.  

The single most important aspect of The Vista that inspired my decision was the Life Care component. In so many instances, adult children become a very big part of their parents’ care as they age. I wanted to make sure that if the time ever came when I should want or need more care, my children wouldn’t have to concern themselves about who is going to take care of mom. The Vista handles everything for me and for my children.

It was my children who told me about The Vista. We looked over their brochure, talked with team members and decided that The Vista was exactly the community that was suitable for our needs. I’m certain I am in excellent hands at The Vista. And my children agree. The Christian Health has been around for over 100 years and has a wonderful reputation.

While the community provides many ways to enjoy life, it’s Life Care is what cemented my decision to move there. All the rest of it is just gravy.

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