The costs are well worth the benefit

Cost is an important factor in almost every decision we make, big and small, from the food we eat to the services we choose. Cost of living is also an important factor in the decision of where we retire. The cost of living in Bergen County may seem high at first glance, but a closer look reveals that the cost of retiring in Bergen County offers a lot for your money. There are many ways to measure cost of living, and each one depends on what we value most in our community.

About the cost of living in Bergen County

Cost of living is often a reflection of the location’s desirability. People are willing to pay more to live in an area that offers shopping, dining, good schools, and healthcare. Because major metropolitan areas offer so many of these amenities, larger urban areas tend to have a higher cost of living than small, rural areas have. So, while Bergen County might have a higher cost of living than the national average for American cities and towns, it offers more amenities than most. It has a concentration of shopping, parks, dining, museums, theaters, access to health care, emergency response services, and other desirable amenities that are quite rare.

Bergen County is the most populous county in New Jersey, so it has all of the services and amenities of urban living. You’re never far from entertainment options – there are 200 arts and history organizations and a seemingly endless variety of shopping, dining, and cultural destinations, which vastly improve the quality of life. But what might surprise you is the access to green space, too: the county is home to 9,000 acres of breathtaking parkland.

Many people who live in Bergen County feel that the cost is well worth the benefit. They pay more, yes, but they get more, too. Those who have lived in places with lower costs of living might suffer sticker shock – that is, until they realize all of the benefits of living in Bergen County. On the other hand, those who have lived or worked in New York City or its inner suburbs are often astounded at the relative cost of living and comparable amenities. Our initial reaction to cost of living is, after all, more of a reflection of where we’ve been than where we’re going.

Furthermore, many of the factors that go into calculating the cost of living do not apply to older adults. Consumer Price Index (CPI) measures the average change in prices over time. Specifically, CPI tracks the prices people pay for a “market basket” of goods and services. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) classifies these goods and services into eight major categories: housing, food and beverages, apparel, medical care, transportation, recreation, education, and communication, as well as other goods and services.

While adults of working age spend considerable amounts for the goods and services in each of the CPI categories, older adults tend to spend less as they age. Retirees are less likely to spend money on education, for example. Those living in retirement communities may spend less in several other categories because their retirement communities offer services, such as health care, dining, housing, utilities, and transportation at a controlled rate – often considerably less than paying for living in a house or apartment.

Bergen County offers a high-quality life

Bergen County presents a wide variety of cost and quality of life benefits over the inner suburbs of New York City. These benefits include:

  • More affordable housing
  • Family-friendly community with a low crime rate
  • Manageable travel to Manhattan
  • Ample parking and easy access, unlike the congested streets and monthly parking fees common in New York City and in many of its closer-in suburbs
  • Fantastic dining options
  • 127 miles of coastline and nearly 9,000 acres of county parkland, featuring walking, jogging and biking paths, tennis and basketball courts, horse riding stables, swimming, fishing, ice skating, concerts, festivals, and more
  • Easy access to culture and entertainment in Bergen County

Even though the area doesn’t have the lowest cost of living, Bergen County may offer one of the greatest values as a premier location for optimal living in your retirement years.

“I have lived in Bergen County almost all my life, and I truly love it here. It is so close to NYC and because it is such a big county there is so much to do; there are scenic and nature options, malls, and local businesses that make each town unique.”
– Current resident of Bergen County, June 17, 2017

Retiring at The Vista

Discover why The Vista, a new senior living community in Bergen County, should be at the top of your places to consider for your retirement years. The Vista combines some of the best features of Bergen County into one location, including beautiful views of the Ramapo mountains, walking trails, fitness facilities, indoor pool, and a cultural arts center. Tell us what times and methods work best for you, and we’ll reach out to you with information you need as you make your decision.

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