Bergen County is one of the safest places to live in New Jersey

Safety and security are among the top factors in choosing a retirement location. In Bergen County, crime rates are impressively low, according to statistics provided by Sperling’s Best Places. Ranked on a scale of 1 to 100, where 1 is the lowest crime rate and 100 is the highest, Bergen County violent crime is an extremely safe 8.6. By comparison, the average rate in United States cities is 22.7.

While the statistics are impressive, numbers do not really tell the whole story. Numbeo provides more insight into how safe Bergen County feels to its residents. The county has a low crime index and high safety index, which show that residents feel safe doing everyday activities, such as walking alone during the day or at night. In fact, worries about home break-ins, stolen property, auto thefts, attacks, vandalism, theft, and violent personal attacks are very low.

Safe Living in the New York City Metro Area

While it is within 20 miles of New York City, Bergen County enjoys safety numbers closer to that of a much smaller city. In fact, two cities in Bergen County made the list of ValuePenguin’s 2016 Safest Places in New Jersey. The rankings show that it’s possible to enjoy safe, tree-lined streets and still be a short drive away from one of the biggest, most exciting cities in the world.

The low crime rates in Bergen County are especially impressive, given that the county has a population that’s larger than the populations of many entire states. This safety is partly due to the Bergen County Sheriff’s Office, which plays a big role in the community. The office has an active Community Outreach unit that makes education and positive engagement priorities in their strategy to create a safe place to live. Officers regularly host conversations with youth and adult residents, and they offer volunteer opportunities for the community. They also form relationships with local civic, religious, and educational organizations.

“The Bergen County Sheriff’s Office in conjunction with police chiefs from across Bergen County, stand united with a message of hope, service, and commitment to our community.” ~The Bergen County Sheriff’s Office

Bergen County also has a stellar public safety program to ensure the well-being of the community at large through coordinating the efforts of police, fire departments, emergency management, and medical examiners. More than 600 officers serve on the police force, and there are 69 fire departments and fire prevention bureaus in the county. The Bergen County Fire Marshal is on call 24-hours a day, seven days a week. These highly trained professionals do everything, from preventive safety measures such as reminding citizens to change the batteries on their smoke detectors, to emergency responses of putting out fires and saving lives.

Creating a secure community extends beyond physical dangers, however. The county’s consumer affairs department enforces the Consumer Fraud Act to protect residents from becoming victims of fraudulent business practices. They even offer an outreach program to help residents learn how to avoid scammers and fraudsters, and they teach residents what they should do if they do become a victim of fraud.

The Bergen County police, sheriff, firefighters, first responders, and administrators work in tandem to create a safe community for everyone. This coordinated approach is what’s behind those low crime numbers – and why so many people have discovered Bergen County as a safe, secure place for living their best life in their retirement years. Every county and city have safe places and areas to avoid, of course, and Bergen County is no different – residents should always stay aware and adhere to safety rules when navigating any area. But the numbers and the residents tell a clear story: Bergen County offers a unique balance of small-town safety and big-city living.

Retiring at The Vista

Discover why The Vista, a new senior living community in Bergen County, should be at the top of your places to explore for living your best life in your retirement years. Our brand new community will include the latest in disinfection technology as well as HVAC ionization making The Vista a very safe place to live. Read more about our safety precautions here. (link to FAQs) Please let us know about you and how we can help, and we’ll reach out to you with information you need as you make your decision.

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